Bart van Olphen - Taste of Amsterdam

Fish expert, cookbook author and TV chef Bart van Olphen - founder and owner Fish Tales. From an early age, fish expert Bart van Olphen (47) chased his culinary dreams. In 1996 he made his entrance as the chef de partie in Parisian star restaurants such as Lucas Carton, Les Ambassadeurs and Pierre au Palais Royal. In the French capital, he was inspired by the beautiful fresh fish that were brought into the prestigious kitchens every day.

After some great French adventures, Bart returned to his beloved Amsterdam, where he quickly opened his own fish shop. He got to know suppliers, fishermen and the stories behind the fish. In this time Bart learned the need to work with exclusively sustainable caught fish. Years later he stood at the cradle of Europe’s first fully sustainable fish store.

In 2014 Bart founded, after years of experience and acquired knowledge, Fish Tales: a trademark for which he travels around the world to this day to live, cook, eat and fish with the most sustainable fishing communities. Bart is regularly seen as a chef on television, has more than 100k followers on his YouTube- and Instagram channel and wrote nine cookbooks. The last one of has been published in fourteen countries. With his books, often photographed by David Loftus, Bart was nominated three times for Cookbook of the Year, he received the Gourmand World Cookbook Award and received an Edward Stanford Travel Writing Award.

Bart shows during his cooking demonstration what he prefers to do: how easy it is to cook fish, crustaceans and shellfish. Be there, on Saturday 2 June at 17:00.

Pictures by: David Loftus