Koen Dil - Taste of Amsterdam

Dilvis - Koen Dil & Robert Jan Dussel

In 1854, the Dil family bought the fishing rights on the Alkmaardermeer from the city of Alkmaar. In 1884 Dilvis settled in Akersloot. The family business is now in the hands of the 5th generation and after almost 135 years, the family is still fishing on the Alkmaardermeer. The company also engages in the import and export of freshwater fish. High quality freshwater fish has been supplied to star restaurants and exclusive fish shops in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium for years. The name Dil is a concept in the fish world.

Koen Dil (33) took over from his father in 2013 and started working as a new generation in the area of ​​online sales, the web shops: Palingshop.nl (for individual customers) and DiolvisOnline.nl (for business customers).

In this way the brook fish is also sold. A freshwater fish from Iceland with a delicious and pure taste. In France, Germany and Italy this fish is eaten a lot and it is ons the menu at many good restaurants. People in the Netherlands still have to get to know the brook fish better.

This is why Robert Jan Dussel, manager at Dilvis and also Chef, prepares the brook fish for you in a delicious way. Robert Jan is 37 years old and works as a chef for more than 14 years. He is known for the restaurants Hof van Sonoi, restaurant De Buren and Steak, all located in Alkmaar. Since 2017 Robert Jan has made the switch to the fish business, but he has not forgotten how to cook!