Menno Post - Taste of Amsterdam

From July 3rd, Haarlem will be enriched with a new gastronomic hotspot: Olivijn. During Taste Amsterdam you can already have a sneak peek!

Menno Post knows the art of omission, tells a story with his dishes and with that he has developed his own signature. His flavors are elegant, refined and subtly combined to create special mouth entertainment. You could just get a salad of crab with roasted avocado, buttermilk and yuzu in front of you. Or take his phenomenal dish of crispy baked streaky bacon with langoustine or the barrel roll with fish crisps.

Menno is SVH-Master Chef and after 5 years of being a two-star chef at Restaurant De Bokkedoorns, he will follow his heart. In July he opens his own restaurant with the name Olivijn at Kleine Houtstraat 70 in Haarlem. There will also be an art gallery on the first floor of the restaurant with the name Mevrouw Olivijn so you can have dinner between the changing exhibitions.

Restaurant Olivijn brings together top gastronomy and homely comfort in a monumental building with a rich history. Menno will present the menu at the table and offers options to adapt dishes to the personal wishes of the guest. On the plate Menno is luxurious because he thinks it is important that you as a guest have something to cut.