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Amsterdam Kookboek

The secrets of the Amsterdam cuisine. Amsterdam kookboek is an ode to local chefs. In the book, you hop up on the back of Laura’s bike and join her as she crisscrosses culinary Amsterdam. She invites you into the kitchen where she reveals not only the recipes themselves but also the stories behind each dish. Plus, her favorite addresses for groceries. The book is in both Dutch as English available.

Bidfood logo


Bidfood makes food-professionals more successful. In our online marketplace every chef, cook, and entrepreneur is connected through top notch national and international suppliers. Easy to order and delivered straight to your kitchen. Our focus is fully on the professionals within the food industry: from take-away businesses to catering companies, from cafeterias to care facilities, from hotels to restaurants. Most of all, we are a business with a high focus on the people and their needs. Our approach is very personal so it suits your needs. We understand the professionals’ unique wishes and demands like no other.

BOS Ice Tea

At BOS Ice Tea they believe that “Healthy should be fun!” and they take their ingredients seriously, not themselves. The recipe is pretty simple. Their ice tea brings you the finest organic rooibos in the world, what happens to be their super healthy magic ingredient. It will bring you right back to their roots in South Africa!

To ‘go Bos’ in Afrikaans means as much to have ‘crazy joyful fun’.
Want to go BOS? Visit our stand this year to treat yourself to a BOS G&Tea, or an ice cold can of BOS Ice Tea and share the fun! #Funliving

Bubbles by Bruud

Bubbles by Bruud serves the best bubbles of Taste since 2012. This traditional pop-up wine bar brings also an even impressing assortment of ‘still’ wines.
Our Prosecco is only Valdobbiadene DOCG quality, you should definitely explore the little pearls of our Barolobar, or saber your bottle of Franciacorta or TrentoDoc. Bubbles by Bruud is the Dutch import company fully dedicated to sparkling wines of the highest category. We give sparkling wine the attention it deserves. There is an adventurous road ahead of us all in the world of sparkling wines, and Bubbles by Bruud is happy to share its discoveries with you!

De Cavakoning

The Perfect Taste of Delicious Moments. For those who may not know: cava is the delicious Spanish alternative to champagne at a friendly price. The Cavakoning brings the party of enjoyment to people at home during cava tastings and at events. Again this year, the Cavakoning together with restaurant Orestis and wineshop van Krimpen will bring a Mediterranean touch to Taste of Amsterdam! Enjoy delicious cava and wines with tasty tapas in a relaxed southern atmosphere.
At Taste you can choose and taste from our unique assortment of more than 25 different cavas, also organic, from various small family bodegas. Salud!

De Vrolijke Druif

De Vrolijke Druif (The Happy Grape) is an original Piaggio Ape Classic that has been turned into a mobile winebar. From De Vrolijke Druif we serve you delicious organic wines from Biowijnclub, such as a very aromatic Sauvignon Blanc from Aranleón, Valencia, a fabulous Orange wine from Cascina Zerbetta, Piemonte, a wonderful, pale rosé from the Provence, a smooth red wine from Minervois and a bold red wine from Piemonte. We cordially invite you to come by!
TheVrolijke Druif can also be rented for weddings, parties and other celebrations. Check our website for more info.

Rioja Logo

Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja

The Rioja “Control Board” is an institution founded in 1926 with a primary purpose to supervise quality control from vineyard through bottling to promoting the region and defending the interests of the region´s wine sector. The quality controls systems in Rioja are one of the most stringent in the world of wine. Rioja is one of the few that requires that all of its production be bottled at source, which has created the sense of safety and trust among consumers and has allowed Rioja to attain its current leading position on the market. Located in north central Spain, Rioja is considered one of the greatest red wine regions in the world.The institution administers highly sophisticated and stringent quality control in the winemaking process, from viniculture to bottling.

Eliza was here

Eliza was founded in 2001 and specializes in offering unique, unique and authentic holiday addresses around the Mediterranean. Important is small scale and enjoyment. No hordes of tourists, but undiscovered places away from mass tourism where local traditions are still central. The slogan is therefore where everyone turns right, Eliza goes left.

Gulpener Biercollege

Always wanted to know why we started drinking beer? How the brewery process works and why craftbeers sometimes smell like banana? Take a seat in our schoolbenches and join the Gulpener Beercollege. During the Beercollege, everything revolves around tasting, testing, learning, knowing and experiencing.
You will get four tasty Gulpener beers to try out and will learn everything about the philosophy of the Gulpener Bierbrouwerij and the origin of the beerbrewing process.


If you value quality …

During ‘Taste of Amsterdam 2018’, illy is presenting the best coffee and tea nature has to offer in an Italian-style bar. For instance, enjoy our adventurous Arabica Selection from Guatemala, Brazil and Ethiopia. Or tea in its purest form with Damman Frères, or a delicious coffee or tea cocktail. Experience the refined technology and beauty of our home machines in our tasting sessions and workshops. If you value quality, come and taste illy in Amsterdam.

Johnnie Walker logo

Johnnie Walker

The story begins with the man that gave his name to our whisky.

Since early centuries, the trouble was that the whiskies that were made, weren’t always that consistent. For one young man named John Walker – the proprietor of a grocer’s in Kilmarnock – this wasn’t good enough. He wanted his customers to enjoy the same quality and flavour time after time after time. So he began to blend them together until he produced a whisky he was happy to put his name to. Explore the big, bold flavours of Johnnie Walker with our serves and whisky cocktails for every occasion and every taste.

Join us at the Johnnie Walker Experience and learn everything there is to know about whisky!

KEtel One Logo

Ketel One Vodka

In the Ketel One Kitchen we provide masterclasses everyday, organised by our own professional mixologists. An intimate and fun setting, where you experience the typical Dutch feeling together with a little bit of history of the distillery of the Nolet family. Take a seat at our kitchen table, where you can create a classic, or your own creation of the Ketel One Vodka Bloody Mary. Together with various delicious fruit and vegetables, spices and other secret herbs, you can create the perfect drink!

Koppert cress

Koppert Cress

“Good food is crucial for a healthy life ” – Koppert Cress is constantly looking for natural and innovative ingredients, which chefs can use to intensify the flavour, aroma and presentation of their dishes. Products that meet the increasingly stringent demands of restaurants across the globe. Cresses are freshly germinated seedlings of 100% natural aromatic plants. These plants provide freshness and intensity of taste and aroma that is almost exclusively found in young plants.

Lee Kum Kee logo

Lee Kum Kee

Lee Kum Kee, founded in 1888, is maintaining its No.1 position as the authentic Chinese sauce brand in Hong Kong and the world’s No.1 Oyster Sauce brand for 11 consecutive years. Lee Kum Kee is also the largest and best known Chinese sauce brand in the global Chinese market as well as the brand of choice of Michelin-starred Chinese restaurants and chefs.

Licor 43

Enjoy the versatile taste of Licor 43 Original. Inspired by Liquor Miraibilis, a 2.000 year old elixir with 43 secret ingredients. Until today, Licor 43 is only produced in Cartagena, Spain. Taste Mediterranean citrus fruits and herbs with notes of vanilla and caramel. Drink it over ice or in a surprising cocktail like the Sangria.
Licor 43 Orochata is a light, silky liqueur. It contains Licor 43 Original and is inspired by the regional Horchata specialty of chufa, cinnamon and citrus. Drink Licor 43 Orochata pure over ice.
Taste the true Spanish passion.



Marie-Stella-Maris isn’t just an other water brand. It’s a mineral water that provides a perfect table experience; the rich mineral composition in both the still and sparkling variant makes the mineral water very suitable with any tasty meal. In addition, the classic-modern designed bottle is a appealing decoration of the table in every interior. Moreover, you also do good when drinking Marie-Stella-Maris: for every bottle you buy, Marie-Stelle-Maris donates a fixed amount to also help others around the world with access to clean drinking water!
In addition to mineral water, the Dutch lifestyle brand, Marie-Stella-Maris, also offers a fine range of natural care products in surprising subtle scents. And off course also hereby applies; for each product you buy, Marie-Stella-Maris donates a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide!

Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial

Moët Ice Impérial, the first and only champagne especially created to be enjoyed over ice. A new champagne experience combining fun, fresh and free sensations while remaining true to the Moët & Chandon style, a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate and its elegant maturity.

This year, Moët & Chandon gives you an unforgettable #ChampagneOnTheRocks experience together with partner Veuve Clicquot!

Novotel Amsterdam City logo

Novotel Amsterdam City

The city of Amsterdam has so many things to offer. Business and leisure are easily combined. Novotel Amsterdam City is a 4-star hotel in the heart of Amsterdam’ business district ‘de Zuidas’ and is easily accessible since the hotel is located along the A10 highway and within walking distance from RAI station. They welcome you in the open, relaxing and elegant restaurant URBN, where you can enjoy dishes that are prepared with passion. If you are thinking about spending a weekend in Amsterdam during Taste, this is the perfect place to recover and prepare for another fun day at Taste of Amsterdam.



Okhuysen has specialised in top-quality wines purchased directly from wineries since 1867. The delicious and stylish wines on offer are sourced from all corners of the globe. At Okhuysen, love for wine and knowledge about it are gladly shared by means of wine courses and tastings presented in its characteristic, historic wine cellars in Haarlem or locations on request. Please visit Okhuysen and join us on a journey of discovery through wine!

Oma's soep logo

Oma's Soep

Oma’s Soep is a fast-growing social initiative, in which young people together with the elderly make the most delicious soups. This happens in all parts of Amsterdam, with the main goal of preventing loneliness. Older people meet each other structurally and old recipes revive again. The main focus of cooking is to have to fun together and good talks about the past en nowadays. In addition, the soups are made with leftover vegetables from sustainable supermarkets in Amsterdam. In that way Oma’s Soep also prevents food waste. In this way we support the Now Waist Food concept.

Orange Babies

Orange babies op Taste; help with your consumption mothers and children who live with hiv! Foundation Orange Babies is committed to pregnant women, children and other people who are involved with the consequences of hiv and aids. Again this year, we got the chance to open our own wine-bar. Behind the Orange babies bar a number of our ambassadors and BN-ers who voluntarily help us during this event. They will be serving you wine that will be supplied free of charge by Boschendal. The goal of this weekend is to collect as much money as possible! The total amount will go to the Orange Babies projects in Namibia, Zambia and Zuid-Africa. Here will help the most fragile group namely; pregnant women, their baby’s and young orphans through education, information, shelter, food and provide medical and psychological care.

Oresti's Taverna

Most tapas restaurants only serve the Spanish cuisine, however, at Oresti’s taverna many tasty dishes, tapas and wines are served from several countries in the Mediterranean Sea area. Not only inside but also outside you can taste the cosiness. The café-restaurant is located around a Mediterranean patio that is changed into the ambiance of the seasons. On the 10th of July they are moving to Overtoom 5 in the city-centre of Amsterdam. Last year there soon was a connection between Oresti’s and their neighbours Wijnhandel van Krimpen. That is why this year they are bundling their strengths.

Rémy Martin

The 300 year old story of Rémy Martin is that of the pursuit of a single ambition – to capture the very essence of cognac. Since 1724, the House of Rémy Martin has been led by men and women of great talent, who have successfully turned a small area of France into the stronghold of one of the finest cognacs in the world: Cognac Fine Champagne, an iconic blend of eaux-de-vie from the vineyards of Petite and Grande Champagne. This miraculous area is where the best cognacs come to life.

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot Rich

Famed Champagne wines blended for greater sweetness were named Veuve Clicquot Rich. By creating the champagne Rich, Veuve Clicquot brings audacity and creativity to this heritage, with its unique “So Clicquot Twist”. With a higher dosage and a tailored blend of grapes, Veuve Clicquot Rich was born to be customized through mixology.
The versatility of Veuve Clicquot Rich urges consumers to enjoy it when and where they wish. From mountains to oceans, rooftops to canyons, winter or summer, day or night, this stunning new champagne is perfect anyway, anywhere and anytime, on the rocks!.

This year, Veuve Clicquot Rich gives you an unforgettable #ChampagneOnTheRocks experience together with partner Moët & Chandon Impérial Ice!


ViaVan is the new and super affordable way to get around the city and we have partnered with them to offer you 2 free rides. Book a ride within minutes and share your ride with others going your way – all while saving money and emissions.

New to ViaVan? Get 2 free rides with promo code*: TASTE
Download the app here: http://bit.ly/ViaVanDL
*Terms & Conditions: http://bit.ly/ViaVanTC Expires 6/30/2018.

Villa Massa

Villa Massa, thé limoncello based on the protected sweet Sorrento lemon from the beautiful Amalfi coast. Pure nature and without any artificial additives. Our family recipe has remained unchanged since 1890, with great respect for our origins and tradition. Because of this Villa Massa has a great balance between fresh and natural. Villa Massa pure is irresistible, always serve ice cold from the freezer. Let yourself be surprised by this special taste in the Villa Massa & Tonica mix.
Naturally 100% Italian.

Wijnhandel van Krimpen

Wijnhandel van Krimpen

The Amsterdam district de Pijp is pretty much what the Latin Quarter is in Paris: a cozy and lively neighborhood where life lovers like to stay. Here you will find Wijnhandel van Krimpen, a concept in Amsterdam for 115 years and one of the oldest wine shop. We are one of the most specialized wine shops in Amsterdam, with an extensive collection of wines from around the world. Wijnhandel Van Krimpen has its own vineyard, Tenuta Villa Trasqua in Castellina in Chianti, which has won several medals several times with its traditional chianti as well as with its top cuvée; the Trasgaia. An achievement and proof that you have to be the best Chianti at Van Krimpen for example.

Zilt & Zalig logo

Zilt & Zalig

The oysterman of Zilt and Zalig has been opening the best oysters at the best parties, weddings and fairs for more than 10 years. We are crazy about this amazing natural product from the coast … oysters! That’s why we exactly know what we are doing. We’re called Zilt and Zalig for a reason!
Next to hiring the oyster man you can also hire us for a training for a catering staff and fish specialist shops or (cooking) workshops / tastings for individuals.