The 10 finalists of the Dutch WORLD CLASS™ COMPETITION 2018. - Taste of Amsterdam

Who will follow in the footsteps of Alberto Matallana as Dutch Bartender of The Year 2018?

On the 2nd of June 2018 the finalists will present their best cocktails during Taste of Amsterdam at the Rosarium close to the Amstelpark. With their creations, the finalists try to convince the jury and visitors and take the titel of best Dutch bartender.
Underneath you will find the finalists in alphabetical order:

Andrei Talapanescu – Pulitzer Bar (Amsterdam)
Ben Lobos – DR. (Rotterdam)
Erwan De Kerouara – Hotel 27 (Amsterdam)
James Chaib – Tailor Bar (Amsterdam)
Jeroen Scheerman – Tailor Bar (Amsterdam)
Luca Milano – Pulitzer Bar (Amsterdam)
Martin Eisma – Bluespoon (Amsterdam)
Sebastian Cichowlas – Tailor Bar (Amsterdam)
Tim Lefevre – Door 74 (Amsterdam)
Timo Stemerdink – Restaurant C (Amsterdam)

The Dutch final will take place on the same day as de Belux final that you can follow during Taste of Amsterdam. The 2nd of June we know who the follow ups are of Naushad Rahamat in Belgium and Alberto Matallana in The Netherlands. The winners of both countries will be able to fight for the title of World Class Bartender of the Year Worldwide. The worldwide final will take place during the Bar Convent Berlin on the 8th of June.


‘Wanderlust’ and ‘Signature Serve’ are the two theme’s for this year. For the first theme the bartenders will get the assignment to create two cocktails, a ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ serve. With these cocktails the bartender will take you from home to a nomadic journey to a far destination.

For the ‘Signature Serve’ the bartenders will be challenged to present an iconic serve that mirrors their personality and the bar where they work.

All World Class cocktails will be judged on technique, presentation, creativity, taste and balance. In the end the jury decides which two finalists scored to most points.

The winners will not only carry the name of Dutch WORLD CLASS™ Bartender of the Year for a year, but will be added to the WORLD CLASS™ family and will be qualified for the global finals that will take place in October in Berlin.