Restaurant Blauw - Taste of Amsterdam

Enjoy the many flavours that Indonesia is known for!

Restaurant Blauw makes sure you enjoy the Indonesian cuisine to the fullest. Full of flavours, aromas and colourful dishes, prepared according to traditional recipes and served in a modern setting.

The chefs at Blauw are originally from Indonesia or have Indonesian roots. They were taught from a young age on to balance many herbs and spices and are masters in giving these flavours to the dishes. They use the diversity of the Indonesian cuisine: from spicy Rendang from Sumatra to Saté Lilit from Bali or traditional Soto Ayam from Betawi. The chefs originate from several islands and therefore give their own signature to every dish.

The driven team of Blauw all share the love for honest and delicious food. They are determined to offer a culinary experience, with a variety of dishes and an informal yet excellent service.


Amstelveenseweg 158-160
1075 XN Amsterdam
T: 020 675 50 00