SOIL of Amsterdam - Taste of Amsterdam

SOIL of Amsterdam opens soon in Amsterdam West with the motto "Good for you. Good for the Planet. Makes you happy" SOIL of Amsterdam will show that healthy, sustainable bowls can be delicious and full of bold flavours.

SOIL is the answer to a simple question entrepreneurs Remco Groeneveld and Gustavo Bottino kept asking themselves: “Where can we go for food that’s both healthy and tasty?” The two friends, who met while living in California, quickly noticed many other people have the same problem finding such a place in the Amsterdam restaurant scene.

“Over the years I grew really concerned about the environmental and health impact of what we eat, but as a meat-loving Brazilian just wasn’t willing to give up on tasty food. We racked our brains for a year to find a solution to this problem. We came up with SOIL as a casual and friendly place where you can go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just for a borrel and everything is fundamentally delicious but guilt-free”, says co-founder Gustavo Bottino.

SOIL promises delicious food made from local and seasonal ingredients. The fast-casual restaurant is plant-centric but also believes there is a place for high-quality animal products from conscious local farmers who have adopted sustainable and humane farming practices. This means beef, chicken, eggs and cheese can be added optionally to the vegan base dishes. SOIL’s menu promotes balance, flexibility and the concept of ‘less but better’.”

“I have spent the last 10 years as a road warrior eating out pretty much every day and I was not satisfied with the time it takes to have a high-quality meal served and paid,” adds Remco Groeneveld, co-founder . “SOIL has both fast service and high-quality bowls”

Chef Guillem Francis joined SOIL with over 15 years of experience working for the likes of Restaurant Bloesem and Hotel Pulitzer. “For me it’s a big step, a move from the fine dining world to a fast-casual concept. What is exciting to me is being able to reach a large number of people with tasty, plant-centric food that is still affordable, comments SOIL’s English Head Chef. Apart from Guillem’s own dishes, he promises working in collaboration with other chefs and some of Amsterdam’s well-known healthy lifestyle personalities such as Claartje Schröder ( and Bénine Bijleveld (@benineskitchen) some of whose recipes are on the menu as well.

The interior, designed by Sandra Planken from Studio Noun (BAUT, Restaurant C, Taco Cartel), is inspired by the Japanese “Wabi Sabi” philosophy seeking beauty in imperfection.


Bilderdijkstraat 141 H
Amsterdam, Netherlands 1053 KN
T: 020 772 1932