Tickets - Taste of Amsterdam

Ticket types:

This year you can purchase a ticket for a certain day of the event, not for a day of choice. Should you want to come multiple days, buy a passe-partout and join us all weekend days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) in culinary heaven!

Early Bird and Early Turkey – Sold Out – valid for one weekend day of choice (Friday, Saturday or Sunday)
Friday Ticket – €12,50 – valid only on Friday 31st of May
Saturday Ticket – €12,50 – valid only on Saturday 1st of June
Sunday Ticket – €12,50 – valid only on Sunday 2nd of June
Monday Ticket – Sold Out
Passe-Partout – €17,50 – valid for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
*Kids ages 16 and under are free but please register them in advance! Kids may only enter the festival accompanied by parent or a guardian.




IMPORTANT: Dogs (and other domestic animals) are NOT allowed at Taste of Amsterdam!

What is included with this ticket?

  • Entry to the festival
  • Possibility to enjoy food from some of the best restaurants in Amsterdam with signature dishes starting from as little as €5,-
  • Wine tastings, masterclasses, cooking demonstrations, as well as a range of bars and live music