NEFF Kinderkeuken - Taste of Amsterdam

Our littlest chefs will learn about the joy of cooking in the Kinderkeuken.

Teach them while they’re young! Every year Taste makes sure that there is enough to do for our littlest chefs. NEFF Kinderkeuken is the perfect place to introduce kids to the joys of food and cooking. This fun and educational NEFF zone allows children to select and taste fresh ingredients and make child-friendly dishes. With a range of different recipes, they’ll get the opportunity to try new foods, get their hands dirty and really get into the food festival spirit. And they won’t do it alone! This year, Susan Aretz will be there to assist them in making some delicious recipes!

Every day, there will be five cooking workshops in which ten children can participate. There will be two workshops at the same time and children will be divided over the two workshops based on age. For the youngest children (4 to 6 years), there will be a fruit and vegetable workshop by Perry Falter. Thereafter, they will make a delicious smoothie together, which can, obviously, be drunk afterwards!

For the older children (7 to 11 years) there will be a pizza workshop. This will be done from scratch, with fresh ingredients, fresh tomato sauce and lots of delicious vegetables and toppings. A healthy, but especially, a delicious pizza that is baked in one of the slide and hide ovens of NEFF. And most important, after creating this delicious pizza, the children are, of course, allowed to eat their pizza!

How do you participate in the cooking workshops of the ‘NEFF Kinderkeuken’? 

Participating in the workshops is free and based on registration. There is a maximum of 10 children per workshop so make sure to sign up on time during the festival, and to be in time for your workshop!

When will the cooking workshops take place during Taste of Amsterdam?

There will be five workshops per day, the first one will take place at 12:30 and the last one at 16:30. Thereafter, the kitchen will be cleaned for the evening program.

Silent disco at the NEFF Kinderkeuken

Don’t miss out on the evening program! After the kitchen is thoroughly cleaned, it will be turned into a silent disco, which will only be accessible for children. Till 20:00 you can rock in silence with an amazing DJ! Additional information will follow soon!