Alain Caron - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef & owner Alain Caron - Café Caron

Alain Caron was born in Paris but has been living in the Netherlands for over 30 years. Before Alain finally found his passion in the culinary world, he was a plumber for nearly two years and had his own jazz rock band: Dune. Unfortunately, becoming a jazz rockstar wasn’t meant for Alain and when his band didn’t work out he, together with his Dutch friend; Jet, left for Paris to start working in a restaurant. This is where he learned the basics of French cuisine. 

After working in the Parisian restaurant for a while, Alain and Jet decided to go on a world trip for 1.5 years. When they returned, Alain perfected his culinary skills in various Parisian (Michelin-starred) restaurants, after which they eventually left for the Netherlands. Here he worked in various restaurants such as De Kerstentuin, Tante Koosje and Restaurant Christophe. After gaining a lot of work experience in several restaurants, Alain made his debut in 1995 as a TV chef in Wie Kookt Er. However, his real breakthrough came when he became a jury member for MasterChef Holland.

Nowadays, he can be seen in many shows, culinary projects and magazines. Additionally, he has written a beautiful book; Tour d’Alain. In this book he discusses the best restaurants, local produce, shops, markets, wineries and of course some of his heroes, Alain Ducasse and Paul Bocuse. And there is more! In 2017 he opened his own restaurant with his wife and children in the Netherlands; Café Caron. And, of course, Alain can no longer be missed at Taste of Amsterdam!

Menu NEFF Chef’s Table – Including wine pairings

Oysters made by Nicolas Isnard with shallots and sea water
Tuna rolls with tomatoes
Roasted lobster with rosemary
Bouillabaisse of red mullet
Veal sweetbread with risotto, smoked eel and artichoke hearts  
Soft beef which has been marinated for 10 hours
Surprise dessert of Café Caron