André Gerrits - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef & owner of restaurant 't Amsterdammertje

André started his professional career as chef when he was sixteen years old. The with one Michelin star awarded Restaurant de Kromme Dissel, located in Arnhem, was the starting point of my culinary career. After obtaining work experience with Ron Blaauw and Jan de Wit, André returned to ‘de Dissel’ and became the youngest sous-chef of 21 years old in the kitchen of chef Tonny Berentsen.

After five years of working as a sous-chef at ‘the Dissel’, he decided to return to the kitchen of Ron Blaauw to expand his culinary skills to a higher level.
“I received the daily responsibility of leadership within that kitchen.”
Passion, honesty, approachability, driven, inspired and a little craziness are words that fit André and his restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje.

His way of cooking can be described as modern, pure, honest with a classic touch and innovative in techniques as well as design. Inspired by the seasons, he composes a menu with dishes full of passion.

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