Ayt Erdogan - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef Ayt Erdogan - The Gaia Amsterdam

An Ottoman style of cooking with soft, warm herbs that have a civilized taste – that is Ayt Erdogan’s kitchen. Complex with the capital C. Ayts technique of cooking is very interesting: it is very refined and he aims to keep the essence of the product intact.

Chef Erdogan knows his classic French cuisine, but consciously opts for a contemporary approach. In his book: ‘The Aytems of inspiration’ the inspired chef talks extensively about his sources of inspiration, the search for his culinary identity and his plans for the future.

In Ayt’s cooking style he refers to his mother’s style of cooking, as it is his frame of reference, but uses the techniques of today. His technical ingenuity, coupled with his undisputed sense of taste and craving for sophistication, takes his kitchen to a higher level. It is important that people recognize the diversity of Ayt’s cooking style and his culinary identity. Ayt has proven that the Ottoman-Mesopotamian kitchen is a high-quality kitchen that should be taken seriously.