Bart van Berkel - Taste of Amsterdam

Bart van Berkel of Restaurant PETOSSI in Haarlem

After Bart van Berkel won MasterChef in 2014, he learned from 13 top chefs such as Sergio Herman, Erik van Loo & Pourcel brothers in France. After this he wrote the cookbook ‘Discover the secret of the chef’. At the end of last year Bart opened the restaurant Petossi in Haarlem. A modern Dutch kitchen with a “Chefs menu” that changes on the offer of mother nature. The name PETOSSI is derived from the Brabant designation for ‘Boerenkoolstamppot’, the iconic dish when you think of Dutch cuisine. ‘A concept of Brabant with a worldly sound, but with a traditional Dutch meaning’. Bart is proud of the Dutch cuisine which, due to our travel-loving history, is filled with foreign influences. And that is exactly what you can expect in the MasterChef’s new restaurant.