Ben en Eugenie Markx - Taste of Amsterdam

Raised in a family that moved to the Netherlands in the 1940s after the Japanese capitulation in Indonesia, Ben and Eugenie were trained from an early age by their father in Indonesian cuisine. When they became adults, their culinary path got separated. Eugenie traveled to South Africa to open a night club and Ben went to our capital to work in Amsterdam’s nightlife and opened several restaurants in the late 80s such as Het Paleis and Restaurant Markx.

After having lived on different continents for over twenty years, Ben and Eugenie were finally reunited in Amsterdam full of inspiration, knowledge and creativity. In 2016 Benji’s opened its doors on the Wibautstraat in East. Combining their culinary minds and ideas together, Benji’s became one of the best brunch hotspots of Amsterdam. A green oasis that owes its inspiration to their homeland and where they are working hard with young chefs to innovate the traditional cuisine by following the trend of healthy and sustainable food. The Benjamin, a brioche bun served with the rendang that Ben has been perfecting for over forty years, has been Benji’s bestseller since day one and will certainly not be missing on the menu of Taste of Amsterdam 2020.