Björn Vlegels - Taste of Amsterdam

Björn Vlegels - George W.P.A.

Björn started his career as a student in the kitchen of Mario Uva. Here he worked for more than 4 years under the scepter of Fabrizio Pinna, as an independent cook. The love for Italian cooking then brought him to Sicily, where he further developed his skills.

After a short period in North Holland, Björn’s desire to travel to foreign countries arose again and he left for the Caribbean. Here he eventually became chef of Cabana and the next step would be St. Maarten, where he took on a new challenge to set up a new restaurant. Unfortunately, Björn eventually ended up in the Netherlands again due to hurricane Katrina and then started as a chef at George W.P.A.

George W.P.A. is part of Maison de George and is located on the famous Willemsparkweg and has been a well-known name in Amsterdam Zuid for years.