Boaz Peled - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef Boaz Peled - NENI Amsterdam

NENI stands for the East Mediterranean kitchen and dining experience presented by the Molcho family. The name is composition of the initials of Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv & Ilan, the four sons of kitchen virtuoso Haya Molcho.

Family and friends are an integral part of their lives and shape the NENI concept, as well as the family’s Israeli, Romanian and Spanish roots. NENI lives by sharing dishes together, of passion and joie de vivre – in short Balagan, sympathetic chaos. The motto of the family: Life is beautiful. Be part of it.

The menus of the restaurant and the deli combine the culinary vision of Haya and the interpretation of NENI Amsterdam’s chef Boaz Peled. Both are convinced that cooking and sharing food connects people and adds meaning to their life.