David Rathgeber - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef & owner David Rathgeber - L'Assiette

When David Rathgeber was only 18 years old, he decided to leave the Auverne region of France to pursue his culinary career. Luckily, he met Alain Ducasse and started working for him in the ‘Ducasse empire‘.  He worked at the Louis XV restaurant in Monaco, the Plaza Athénée in Paris and the Essex House in New York.

After years of large-kitchen team effort, he decided it was time for him to focus on his own cooking so he could express his culinary talent to the fullest. In 2006, David became chef de cuisine at Benoit and was rewarded for his work in 2006, when he received his first Michelin star. In 2008, he took over the restaurant of Lulu Rousseau, a mythical place that contributes to the history of Paris.

He now owns restaurant L’Assiette, a typical Parisian bistro with acid-etched windows, a beautifully decorated ceiling, marble counters and a semi-open kitchen. At L’Assiette, he finally found the ideal place to express his culinary creativity. Here, he applies everything that he has ever learned; using quality products, focusing on the process of cooking and using seasonal products. David’s cooking style represent simple but tasty and beautifully-designed dishes.

Menu NEFF Chef’s Table – Including wine pairings

Oysters made by Nicolas Isnard with shallots and sea water
Tuna rolls with tomatoes
Roasted lobster with rosemary
Bouillabaisse of red mullet
Veal sweetbread with risotto, smoked eel and artichoke hearts  
Soft beef which has been marinated for 10 hours
Surprise dessert of Café Caron