Dennis Huwaë - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef & owner Dennis Huwaë - Daalder

During his working life, chef Dennis Huwaë was mainly responsible for restaurants with 2 Michelin stars. He liked this a lot, but Dennis wanted more. His wish was to open a restaurant at the same top level, but without the accompanying formal atmosphere and stiff service. He was looking for a place where everyone dares to step in and where everyone feels at ease. Dennis has found this place in Restaurant Daalder and has been the chef and co-owner since 2016.

Nowadays, Dennis is adding a little extra to Daalder. To involve his guests even more, he has now implemented a Chef’s Table. This means that during the meal, the guests can literally and figuratively have a look in the kitchen while enjoying their dinner.

Menu NEFF Chef’s Table – Including wine pairings

Cobia with yellow curry, sea urchin and tofu
Lamb with black garlic, ginger and red bell pepper
Corn with coconut, crème fraîche and bergamot