Dennis Huwaë - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef & owner Dennis Huwaë - Daalder & Edel by Dennis

During his working life, chef Dennis Huwaë was mainly responsible for restaurants with 2 Michelin stars. He liked this a lot, but Dennis wanted more. His wish was to open a restaurant at the same top level, but without the accompanying formal atmosphere and stiff service. He was looking for a place where everyone dares to step in and where everyone feels at ease. Dennis has found this place in Restaurant Daalder and has been the chef and co-owner since 2016.

Nowadays, Dennis is adding a little extra to Daalder. To involve his guests even more, he has now implemented a Chef’s Table. This means that during the meal, the guests can literally and figuratively have a look in the kitchen while enjoying their dinner.

Next to Daalder, Dennis opened a new restaurant, Edel by Dennis in 2019. Gastronomy is not always associated with warm, cosy and relaxed. At Edel by Dennis it is though, because Chef Dennis Huwaë considers this combination very important. So he opts for street art from NYC and great music. As Dennis himself says: “This is where my friends feel at ease. And this is where I’ll happily eat myself three times a week!”