Hervé Rodriguez - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef & owner Hervé Rodriguez - MaSa

Hervé Rodriguez already knew at the age of five that he wanted to be a chef. After completing his studies at the Hotelschool, he assumed that he would succeed immediately. Unfortunately for him, the opposite came true. He could barely find any work and out of necessity he ended up in a place where he had to make sauerkraut all day.

Fortunately this did not discourage him and he decided to join the Navy for two years, where had the time of his life. However, after this adventure it was time to move on and continue further developing his talent. After working at multiple restaurants and gaining work experience, he returned to Dijon at the age of 24, where he met his wife Sophie. As it turns out, her father was a famous chef and he therefore decides to work for him for a while.

Unfortunately, he got bored quite easily and decided to move to Lyon, where he and Sophie take over La Mère Bourgeois. Here, he could finally create a kitchen of his own and express his creativity to the fullest. However, as he continously wanted to grow they decided to move to Paris a few years later, where they set up their own restaurant, MaSa, in Boulogne-Billancourt, where he is currently working. His cooking style is influenced by his Spanish origin and this is certainly reflected in his beautiful dishes. It is therefore no surprise that MaSa has since received its first Michelin star.

Menu NEFF Chef’s Table – Including wine pairings

Oysters made by Nicolas Isnard with shallots and sea water
Tuna rolls with tomatoes
Roasted lobster with rosemary
Bouillabaisse of red mullet
Veal sweetbread with risotto, smoked eel and artichoke hearts  
Soft beef which has been marinated for 10 hours
Surprise dessert of Café Caron