Jacques Pourcel - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef & owner Jacques Pourcel - Le Jardin des Sens & Café Français

Jacques Pourcel grew up in Agde (Hérault) with his twin brother, Laurent Pourcel. They already knew from an early age that they wanted to become chefs and therefore, at the age of 24, opened their first restaurant; Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier, which later became a three Michelin-star restaurant.

After the opening of this successful restaurant, they decided it was time to go abroad and opened their next restaurant in Tokyo; restaurant Sens & Saveurs. But they didn’t stop here, a few years later they opened many more restaurants such as D’Sens in Bangkok, Maison Pourcel in Shanghai and Café Français in Sri Lanka.

But their desire for entrepreneurship and innovation extends far beyond the restaurants themselves as they now also own a cooking school, a lounge bar and have written several cookbooks. Jacques’ cuisine is inspired by the south of France and draws on both the land and the sea, playing with contrasts; hot & cold, smooth & crunchy and sweet & savory. Additionally, quality and simplicity are valued as he only works with local products of excellent quality.