Jozua Jaring - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef & owner Jozua Jaring - Ratatouille Food & Wine

The successful restaurant on the Spaarne in Haarlem by chef Jozua Jaring is – just like ratatouille – a mix of French cuisine in today’s reality with excellent value for money in a low-threshold environment.

When Ratatouille Food & Wine received their first Michelin-star in 2014, Michelin praised the restaurant as an example for the new generation chefs and restaurants: less “stiff”, less expensive and more accessible. After all, it should be all about the food.

Discover it yourself: from experience menus to exclusive a la carte dishes. Everything is prepared to perfection with surprising taste palettes, a sublime wine selection, an extensive wine list with more than 460 wines and only the best available seasonal products. Stop by Ratatouille Food & Wine and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner and decide for yourself how far you want to lose yourself in the culinary world of chef Jozua Jaring and his team.

Ratatouille Food & Wine is also an excellent location for weddings and offers private dining.