Julius Jaspers - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef Julius Jaspers

Is it an abnormality? I am not sure, but ever since I was a child I am intrigued by food. During high school I was already experimenting with cooking, catering and working in different kitchens. Right after my graduation I left for my ‘own’ little restaurant in France for a period of time. After I returned, I wanted to continue doing what I loved!

After more than 10 years of cooking, shops, catering, restaurant, exhibitions, you name it… I was done. It was an amazing time but now felt like a millstone around my neck. Get rid of it, I thought!

I completely focused almost 20 years on Studio Bazar, the hardware part of it, but food and beverages were always my passion. Meanwhile, I developed Smart Kitchen, a cooking studio according to the Smart Cooking method, a method that I now apply to De Kookfabriek.

The past year, Julius created another succesful edition of his meat festival Butcher’s Heaven!

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