Moshik Roth - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef & owner Moshik Roth - &Moshik

Moshik moved from Israël to the Netherlands in his early twenties. He started his career as a pizzeria manager in Amsterdam. In his spare time, he became fascinated by the world of haute cuisine and decided to become the best chef he could possible be. He took his chance when he was accepted to work at three Michelin starred restaurant ‘De Librije’ and two Michelin starred restaurant ‘De Zwethheul’.

In 2001, Moshik opened his own restaurant: ‘t Brouwerskolkje in Overveen. Here Moshik received his first Michelin star in 2006 and his second star in 2009. In 2012, he joined forces with Salem Samhoud and opened the restaurant: & Samhoud Places in Amsterdam. Three months after the restaurant opened, they received two Michelin stars. The restaurant is now continuing under the name &Moshik.

&Moshik is only a stone’s throw away from Central Station on Oosterdokseiland. It is a bit of a search for the entrance, because the restaurant is on the first floor and cannot be seen directly from the street. But oh, the food! Delicious. You will experience a serious culinary experience thanks to Moshik Roth. One of his signature dishes from Roth is The Perfect Egg.