Nicolas Isnard - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef & owner Nicolas Isnard - Auberge de la Charme

Nicolas Isnard already knew from a young age that we wanted to be a chef. Therefore, after he finished his studies he started off as a trainee in multiple restaurants to gain as much work experience as possible. After these internships, Nicolas became Chef de Partie at a young age at Relais & Chateau, a restaurant with one Michelin star. In 2002, he became Chef de Partie at Michelin-starred restaurant La Rotonde in Lyon. Here, he started experimenting with his own cooking style and had the opportunity to further develop his culinary talent.

A year later he returned to the south of France as a chef at Auberge du Vieux Puits. In the same year he is presented with the “Young Talent” award, meets his future wife Cécile, his future business partner David Le Comte ánd opens his own restaurant; Auberge de la Charme near Prenois. Here, he could finally use his full potential and culinary creativity. It is therefore no surprise that he received his first Michelin-star within a year of opening the restaurant. Since the opening, he has received many awards and was awarded the title “Maître Cuisinier de France” in 2012.

Menu NEFF Chef’s Table – Including wine pairings

Oysters made by Nicolas Isnard with shallots and sea water
Tuna rolls with tomatoes
Roasted lobster with rosemary
Bouillabaisse of red mullet
Veal sweetbread with risotto, smoked eel and artichoke hearts  
Soft beef which has been marinated for 10 hours
Surprise dessert of Café Caron