Peter Lute - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef & owner Peter Lute - de Kruidfabriek & ARC by Lute

Peter Lute has worked in many restaurants, from brasseries to Michelin-starred restaurants, until he opened Lute restaurant with Marieke in 2002. A large industrial restaurant on the Amstel just outside the big city.. Cozy, swinging and with beautiful dishes. After 14 successful years it was time to renew the restaurant in the building of a former powder factory and was converted into De Kruidfabriek.

More warmth, coziness and on the menu the passion of Peter is represented: working as much as possible with sustainable products from Dutch soil to become more aware about the environment. He focuses on nature and combines pure and local products with herbs and spices from his own garden and greenhouse.

The vision is: “let guests enjoy”, as simple as it sounds, it is a big challenge to succeed at this every single day. Peter and Marieke are very proud of their team, whom are committed to their vision with heart and soul. “Cherish what you have built and do not deviate from your core values”. Their logo, the “egg”, represents these core values. In this way, every step they take outside the door remains a conscious step.

In addition to the Kruidfabriek, LUTE now consists of ARC. in Amsterdam, Explore the event location in Muiden, Soundbites above the entrance of Ziggo Dome and On 5th on the 5th floor in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

And although there is a great team in every restaurant, Peter’s passion continues to be cooking and you can find his signature dish on all of the menus.