Peter Scholte - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef Peter Scholte - The Green House

Peter Scholte is the Executive Chef of The Green House. With his extensive experience in national and international Michelin hospitality he hopes to make circular cooking more well known among the public. Above all he wants to show that circular cooking is a world of delicious flavours. However his main motivation is the guest. Peter Scholte: ‘’I always say: when I can make a guest happy with a beautiful product, my mission is accomplished. And if I can contribute to a more sustainable world in that way, to me the circle is complete.’’

Peter works among other things at Le Garage, elBulli, and earned a Michelin star as a chef in Norway. In The Netherlands Peter had his own dessert restaurant, Sucre, in Amsterdam for five years. Afterwards he was co-responsible for the set up of MR Porter and The Duchess in the W Hotel in Amsterdam where he worked alongside 3-star Michelin chef Jacob Jan Boerma with the restyling of NH Krasnapolsky. Last year Scholte involved himself with the restyling and greening of Hotel Arena.

This year The Green House has won several awards, including the Circular Food Award 2018.