Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot - Taste of Amsterdam

Chefs & owners Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot - 212

Richard van Oostenbrugge mainly gained his experience in Switzerland; Thomas Groot mainly in Amsterdam, Paris and Hong Kong. Their paths crossed in 2008 at the culinary talent factory restaurant Envy, after which they started together at Bord’Eau in 2010 and received a two-star rating from Michelin within three years. After having worked together for almost 10 years, they opened their own restaurant in 2018: 212.

212 is a unique and prestigious project and is a meticulously well thought out restaurant in terms of design. The kitchen is in the middle, surrounded by a bar. There are absolutely no tables. 212 is ambitious, which is to be expected given the experience of both men. 212 is a high end restaurant where you can be blown away by the experience, but is stripped of all unnecessary etiquette.