Rick Swinkels - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef & owner Rick Swinkels - Sjefietshe

In Amsterdam-Oost, restaurant Jacobsz has already conquered many hearts, and with its surprising (and beautifully designed) dishes, the restaurant is rapidly conquering the rest of Amsterdam. Rick, co-owner of Jacobsz, is planning on doing the same with his next restaurant: Sjefietshe.

Rick’s adventure started at a foodfestival in Noordwijk aan Zee. First with the foodtruck ‘De Filostoof’ and later with setting up an entirely new foodfestival. The success translated into a pop-up restaurant in the Felix Meritis, where restaurant Staets operated for almost 1.5 years. All Rick’s food concepts have one thing in common: good and delicious food for a fair price. Add a nice selection of drinks and service with passion, and you have yourself a business ready to conquer the hearts of all guests! Additionally, Rick makes beautifully designed dishes, which is not a coincidence, as he has a background in graphic design! And we certainly are excited to see these gorgeous dishes at Taste of Amsterdam this year!