Schilo van Coevorden - Taste of Amsterdam - Chef's Table

Chef Schilo van Coevorden - Taiko

As a chef, with classical French education, Schilo was very early on triggered by the exotic flavours and textures of the Far East. Using Taiko and Tunes Bar as the canvas on which he can exhibit his creativity, Schilo and his team of professionals from, among others, China and Japan, monitors authenticity putting creativity first, always. Products must be fresh, flavours can be explosive. With the intense passion of a pure artist, he determines the pace in which his team ensures a unique experience for their guests night after night. This, without a doubt, makes Taiko the restaurant for modern Asian cuisine in Amsterdam.

Going on a food trip with Schilo is like discovering Asia by bullet train, instead of stations that act as gateway to another world. It’s the dishes that tell the story of a country. Sometimes beautiful in their recognisable splendour, sometimes polished with a lot of love and care and with a completely unexpected silver lining added by Schilo. Fresh ingredients, most of them imported directly from Asia, an excellent palette and an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of oriental flavours and traditions are just some of Schilo’s assets. His dishes, sometimes delicate and sometimes explosive, but always surprising and original, ensure Taiko as a sensational adventure that cannot be lacking from the bucket list of any food aficionado.

Schilo will give a spectaculair session at the Chef’s Table at Taste of Amsterdam 2020!