Soenil Bahadoer - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef Soenil Bahadoer - Restaurant De Lindehof**

The dishes of Soenil are a harmonious composition of taste, smell, color and shape. Of course the taste fulfills the main role. Every taste has its own strength and intensity. Step-by-step Soenil is working towards a true taste explosion. Every bite must be a party, must swing.

Chef and owner of the two-star Michelin restaurant De Lindehof in Nuenen, Soenil Bahadoer. has given the Dutch food culture a boost. Soenil: ‘I have opened up the Dutch people for a different taste experience. My Hindustani identity has always been behind the stove. I have generously applied the influences of Surinamese-Hindustani cuisine. Stubborn too. With the use of spices and flavors that I have learned from my mother ”

Restaurant De Lindehof is located in a luxurious district of Nuenen. The dining tables offer a kitchen view. Chef Soenil himself explains the menu to share his passion with the guests. Soenil: ‘You are going to eat in a two-star restaurant for the experience. It must be a party. Your coat is hung, the tables are covered in white and you want to feel a certain excitement”

When it comes to cooking, Soenil Bahadoer’s ambition is limitless. “That’s also necessary, because to keep your second Michelin star you have to fight.