Thomas Kooijman - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef Thomas Kooijman - BAR ALT

Thomas Kooijman is the chef of BAR ALT. He was born in Laren in 1988 and started as a dishwasher at the age of 16. After learning a lot in several beautiful restaurants, his first serious opportunity came when Egon van Hoof put his faith in him to become the chef of the new restaurant MOS.

After working here for 2.5 years, he came into contact with the entrepreneurs behind BAR ALT, Adriaan Verkerk and Two Chefs Brewing, after which he could start as a chef at BAR ALT. Here he can contribute to the concept of putting beer on a gastronomic menu in the fantastic Oud-Zuid. Fresh preparations, modern techniques in collaboration with classic French cuisine, complex dishes with a lot of excitement and experience, this is in line with all passionate beer brewers who put their heart and soul in their beers.

Thomas thinks it is a fantastic concept in which he himself is often surprised by the possibilities to accompany haute cuisine with great beers. The options of doing so are huge and every day he is glad that he is allowed to work there with a fun team who strives for perfection.