Thomas Voets - Taste of Amsterdam

Chef Thomas Voets - Auberge Jean & marie

Chef Thomas Voets has been involved with this Auberge since the opening.

Coming from Eindhoven, Thomas broadened his horizon at a young age to get to know as many facets of gastronomy as possible. He did not follow any professional training, he is completely self-taught. He not only worked in Eindhoven but also in Sweden. In Amsterdam he worked in the kitchen of Wilde Zwijnen and Bistrot Neuf where he met Jan Grijspeere, the Jean of Auberge Jean & Marie.

Thomas finds the greatest inspiration in the cuisine of the Auberge in the rich French gastronomy, without excluding the traditions of other European cuisines. Classics, evergreens, runners and newly discovered pearls that turn out to be permanent are prepared and shared with love and knowledge. A hand-cut steak tartare of bavette with duck liver for example. Or Oostvaardersplassen red deer, with its own gravy, gratin and seasonal vegetables, or quail fried on the carcass, with Thomas’ renowned black pudding, duck liver sauce, onion cream, caramelized marlouskes and roasted corn. Escargots Café de Paris should of course not be missing in the classic Auberge kitchen.

Auberge Jean & Marie is a restaurant and wine bar where guests enjoy craftsmanship from the kitchen, wine cellar and service. The name Auberge says it all: the business is like an inn. Here, guests are welcome for lunch, dinner and drinks, the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, the food and drinks are of high quality, the threshold is low, the prices are fair and a night out has no end time. The Auberge is like coming home to Jean & Marie, the Francophile alter egos of Jan Grijspeere and Marije Bremer.