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Amsterdam Tinto

At Amsterdam Tinto they love life and life’s finer pleasures. With the launch of Amsterdam Tinto, Amsterdam got its own wine cocktail. This new and delicious beverage is made with high quality ingredients and made to share. The 33cl size of the bottle is carefully chosen to contain not one, but two glasses of this carefully crafted cocktail. In these hectic times we live in, Amsterdam Tinto wants to underline the importance of enjoying the little things in life that really matter. So the next time you’re at a bar, order an Amsterdam Tinto and “share your drink, keep your company” Unless you’re really thirsty of course.


Ataro is a food service company based in the Hague with a mission to introduce West African cuisine to the Netherlands. Ataro distributes Nigerian Jollof rice, Ataro spice mixes/rubs and meat, chicken and vegetable pies to both b2b and b2c clients via its online marketplace or you can contact one of their sales representatives.

Bidfood logo


Bidfood makes food-professionals more successful. In our online marketplace every chef, cook, and entrepreneur is connected through top notch national and international suppliers. Easy to order and delivered straight to your kitchen. Our focus is fully on the professionals within the food industry: from take-away businesses to catering companies, from cafeterias to care facilities, from hotels to restaurants. Most of all, we are a business with a high focus on the people and their needs. Our approach is very personal so it suits your needs. We understand the professionals’ unique wishes and demands like no other.

Bus unlimited solutions

BUS Unlimited Solutions

BUS Unlimited Solutions offers suitable support in catering and promotion to public and business events. They absolutely love to help their clients with organizing events and pampering their guests. They exclusively use pure products and representative hosts and hostesses and own multiple unique oltimer foodtrucks and trailers. Their experience in both the national and international hospitality branche helps them to create a long-lasting memory for their clients. This year they will be present at Taste of Amsterdam for the 9th time with their turquoise cocktail truck and freshly made mojitos in the variations lime, raspberry, passionfruit and coco.

Cider Amsterdam

In London, Berlin & New York, cider is already hot & happening. That’s why it is time for an Amsterdam version of this natural and refreshingly different drink.

That is why at Taste 2019 they proudly present the all-new Cider Amsterdam. The authentic cider with an Amsterdam mentality. Made from 100% Breton apples, no added sugars and only 5% alcohol. All natural, low calories and no gluten. The perfect drink for all conscious life enjoyers.

Cider Amsterdam is subtly bubbly and available in 2 flavours: Demi-Sec and Brut. Demi-Sec (the orange one) is easy going and has a smooth taste. Brut (the yellow one) is a bit more sophisticated. It has that unique cider ‘funk’ flavor. Here’s to you, Amsterdam!


Coravin is the only wine preservation system that allows you to pour any wine by the glass without the need to pull the cork, keeping your wines fresh until you decide to have the next glass. By eliminating the risk of oxidisation, Coravin provides the freedom and flexibility to enjoy wine on your own terms: Drink what you want, when you want, in the amount you want without ever worrying about wasting a drop. With the different Models, from the Coravin Model One of €199 untill the fully automatic Bluetooth connected Model Eleven of €999, there is a Coravin for everyone. Take a look on their website for more information!


DAVIDE delivers the best quality; from organic to biodynamic wines and premium food pairing. Their philosophy is to deliver organic and sustainable products. They strongly believe that the first step towards change is awareness. The second step is understanding. They choose their wines based on four different critera: quality, organic production, sustainability and history & culture. “Have a glass and understand the connection. Take a moment and feel the emotion”.

De Eeuwige Jeugd

Brewery De Eeuwige Jeugd is a craft beer brewery situated in Amsterdam. They have six beers in their assortment and every beer has its own Amsterdam character. A couple of their beers consist of; the ‘Lellebel’ (Blond), ‘Gladjanus’ (White-IPA) and ‘Belhamel’ (IPA). “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing’’ So always keep playing, dream big, wonder like a child and live to the fullest.

Getting old is a fact but how young we are is a choice. Their message? The eternal youth is inside of you, get it out of there. We’ll grow old later.

De tapruijters

De Tapruijters

De Tapruijters is a truck that serves the best craft beers in town from different breweries. They love diversity, so there is an appropriate beer for every beer lover! At Taste of Amsterdam there will be several different beers, from a hoppy IPA to a refreshing Weizen or a spicy Tripel. Cheers to that!

De Vrolijke Druif

De Vrolijke Druif  (The Happy Grape) is an original Piaggio Ape Classic that has been turned into a mobile winebar. De Vrolijke Druif serves you delicious organic wines from Biowijnclub, such as a very aromatic Sauvignon Blanc from Aranleón, Valencia, a fabulous Orange wine from Cascina Zerbetta, Piemonte, a wonderful, pale rosé from the Provence, a smooth red wine from Minervois and a bold red wine from Piemonte. They cordially invite you to come by! De Vrolijke Druif can also be rented for weddings, parties and other celebrations. Check their website for more information.


By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. They are on a mission to prevent this by replacing plastic disposables with natural alternatives. Disposables.bio offers a wide range of biodegradable and compostable disposable tableware and take-away solutions. Many of the brands they offer, they design and manufacture themselves. They strive to find the highest quality for affordable prices, making compostable tableware available for everyone.


Espressionisme has been active on the Dutch coffee market since 2009. With a lot of passion and experience, Espressionisme provides coffee catering at various events like fairs, conferences, weddings and events. Their main priorities consist of hospitality and high quality coffee. In addition to their passion, knowledge and experience, the baristas of Espressionisme will add a unique experience to your event.


Fever-Tree is the first quality mixer in the world, made from only the best natural ingredients and with one goal: to enhance the world’s finest spirits. After all, if ¾ of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best. The premise that made Fever-Tree co-founders Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow, travel to the ends of the earth. Sourcing the finest ingredients, including quinine from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, ginger from the Ivory Coast, India and Nigeria, and lemons from the slopes of Mount Etna, Sicily — and you can taste it! Especially, in combination with that perfect bubble. Today, the Fever-Tree range comprises fifteen different flavors. Great to mix with, but also to drink solo.. Spicy or fresh? Soft or bitter? Discover your favorite during Taste of Amsterdam!


Flowers are their passion and they try to continuously surprise Amsterdam with their beautiful bouquets. flowerUP is a young and dynamic company where quality and service are keywords. They deliver flowers to your house and to the office on the time you would like to have them delivered. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and in every size Small, Medium and Large.


Gin 1689

Gin 1689 is based on the 350-year-old gin recipe that originated when William of Orange became King of England and introduced Genever (in other words Dutch Gin) to the British population. This was the beginning of the gin craze and Gin 1689 found and brought this authentic gin back to the market.  Since the launch of the gin they have booked many successes with winning Gold in the premium category at the Gin Masters in London in particular.


Always wanted to know why we started drinking beer? How the brewery process works and why craftbeers sometimes smell like banana? Take a seat in their schoolbenches and join the Gulpener Beercollege. During the Beercollege, everything revolves around tasting, testing, learning, knowing and experiencing.  You will get four tasty Gulpener beers to try out and will learn everything about the philosophy of the Gulpener Bierbrouwerij and the origin of the beerbrewing process.

Johnnie Walker logo

Johnnie Walker

The story begins with the man that gave his name to our whisky.

Since early centuries, the trouble was that the whiskies that were made, weren’t always that consistent. For one young man named John Walker – the proprietor of a grocer’s in Kilmarnock – this wasn’t good enough. He wanted his customers to enjoy the same quality and flavour time after time after time. So he began to blend them together until he produced a whisky he was happy to put his name to. Explore the big, bold flavours of Johnnie Walker with our serves and whisky cocktails for every occasion and every taste.

Join us at the Johnnie Walker Experience and learn everything there is to know about whisky!

Ketel One Vodka

In the Ketel One Kitchen we provide masterclasses everyday, organised by our own professional mixologists. An intimate and fun setting, where you experience the typical Dutch feeling together with a little bit of history of the distillery of the Nolet family. Take a seat at our kitchen table, where you can create a classic, or your own creation of the Ketel One Vodka Bloody Mary. Together with various delicious fruit and vegetables, spices and other secret herbs, you can create the perfect drink!


As barista’s, they make a modern, powerful coffee with a friendly character. Ketelbinkie‘s coffee was developed by coffee master Tacq. The taste can be described as a full body with caramel-like sweetness and hints of chocolate. It is a 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil (Minas Gerais), India (Coorg, Karnataka) and Colombia (Medellin). They buy the beans directly from farmers in countries of origin. This way they know exactly what they get and together, they create their end product. They roast the beans in-house.

Klein & Kok

Klein & Kok was founded by two students from the Hotelschool and are participating in Taste of Amsterdam for the second year in a row. Last year they launched their first product on Taste of Amsterdam, the Arancini mozzarella tomato, with great success. This year, Klein & Kok offers their guests a second product, the Arancini truffle wild mushroom! These snacks are available through multiple wholesalers and are perfect for parties or just a simple day on the terrace, accompanied by a good glass of wine. Share with them these innovative snacks that are crispy, creamy and above all tasty!

Koppert cress

Koppert Cress

“Good food is crucial for a healthy life ” – Koppert Cress is constantly looking for natural and innovative ingredients, which chefs can use to intensify the flavour, aroma and presentation of their dishes. Products that meet the increasingly stringent demands of restaurants across the globe. Cresses are freshly germinated seedlings of 100% natural aromatic plants. These plants provide freshness and intensity of taste and aroma that is almost exclusively found in young plants.

L'école du vin de Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the new getaway experience for love & wine lovers. It’s only a short flight from Amsterdam to Bordeaux (daily flights) so why not plan a food and wine weekend to the greatest wine city of the world?  The new Cité du Vin should be on your bucket list! And the new culinary scene and the wine tourism routes are also highly recommended! The essential step in the country of the “chocolatine” to introduce you to the tasting? The Bordeaux Wine School! Terroirs, grape varieties, anecdotes, appellations … this school, unlike any other, takes you on an uninhibited and fun tour. While waiting for the departure, taste right now the french west coast lifestyle while enjoying a glass of Bordeaux with friends! At Bordeaux, Workshops “Summer tasting” every day in July and August at a price of 20 €/person.


Imagine this… A life where you don’t have to choose between delicious and healthy. Between that what is wise and that what you most desire. That you could drink wine every evening, but would never be hungover. That a chocolate bar would be as healthy as a juicy apple. That having cake for breakfast would be considered ‘normal’. A life in which pizza is as healthy as a salad…

From that thought, Magioni originated. A pizza brand for everyone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. These delicious vegetable pizza’s still offer the same, crunchy pizza flavour but are a lot more healthy!



Marie-Stella-Maris isn’t just an other water brand. It’s a mineral water that provides a perfect table experience; the rich mineral composition in both the still and sparkling variant makes the mineral water very suitable with any tasty meal. In addition, the classic-modern designed bottle is a appealing decoration of the table in every interior. Moreover, you also do good when drinking Marie-Stella-Maris: for every bottle you buy, Marie-Stelle-Maris donates a fixed amount to also help others around the world with access to clean drinking water!
In addition to mineral water, the Dutch lifestyle brand, Marie-Stella-Maris, also offers a fine range of natural care products in surprising subtle scents. And off course also hereby applies; for each product you buy, Marie-Stella-Maris donates a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide!

Mister Makan

With the best ingredients, their self-built set-ups and the family recipes from nenek (Indonesian for grandma) in mind, they believe that good food doesn’t have to be fancy, complicated, or expensive. Mister Makan‘s chefs traveled through Indonesia for months to gain culinary inspiration and taste all possible saté and streetfood. Once at home, with the rich flavors, scents and intense colors fresh in their memory, they developed Mister Makan’s now famous saté: marinated for hours according to a secret recipe and then grilled to perfection.

By the way, they bring more to the festivals than a saté: the tastiest chicken sandwiches, delicious vega(n) dishes, and a decent gado gado. But their saté, that is the reason why they earned a spot at Taste of Amsterdam.

MOJ Lemonade

At MOJ they have been asking themselves for many years, why do sodas contain so many additives and sugar? Therefore, they wanted to do things differently. So together with their Chief Tastemaker Grietje van der Meulen, from the organic garden ‘De Hexenketel’, they went on an adventure, in search of exotic fruits. They spent day and night working on their secret recipe for the best soda, and here it is! MOJ’s secret recipe: 100% real fruit, fresh spring water, carbon dioxide and just a little bit of natural cane sugar. Nothing more, nothing less! They keep things natural. MOJ is available in two different flavours, which you can drink straight up or in your favourite mixed drink. Taste nature, enjoy MOJ!

Novotel Amsterdam City logo

Novotel Amsterdam City

The city of Amsterdam has so many things to offer. Business and leisure are easily combined. Novotel Amsterdam City is a 4-star hotel in the heart of Amsterdam’ business district ‘de Zuidas’ and is easily accessible since the hotel is located along the A10 highway and within walking distance from RAI station. They welcome you in the open, relaxing and elegant restaurant URBN, where you can enjoy dishes that are prepared with passion. If you are thinking about spending a weekend in Amsterdam during Taste, this is the perfect place to recover and prepare for another fun day at Taste of Amsterdam.



Oppo Ice Cream was founded in 2014 by the brothers Charlie & Harry. Oppo produces ice cream with less sugar and calories, so you can enjoy optimally in a healthy way. At the moment Oppo is available in the Netherlands in the flavors Salted Caramel, Colombian Chocolate & Hazelnut, Raspberry & Vanilla en Speculoos Crunch. These four flavours are all available at Albert Heijn in the Netherlands and Belgium, with the exception of AH to go’s.

Orange Babies

Orange Babies at Taste of Amsterdam; taste and toast at their stand while you support mothers and children who live in Africa with HIV!

Orange Babies is 100% committed to helping pregnant women, children and anyone whose life is affected by the impact of HIV and AIDS. This year, Orange Babies will not only be present at Taste with their very own wine bar, but will have their own streetfoodtruck as well. The Orange Babies Bar will be manned by a few of their ambassadors and other celebrities who have volunteered to help them out during Taste. The ambassadors and celebs will pour delicious wines from Boschendal while Street Food Unlimited is serving dishes from 3 African countries where Orange Babies is active. During this weekend, their goal is to collect as much money as possible and of course, all donations will go towards Orange Babies projects in Namibia, Zambia and South Africa. These are the areas where they help the most vulnerable group of people: pregnant women, their babies and young orphans. Thanks to your donations, Orange Babies can offer them education, shelter, food and medical and psychosocial care.


Who doesn’t enjoy going out for dinner? Click here to order your ticket for Taste of Amsterdam 2019 and get a free 3-month membership for RestaurantKaart! With a RestaurantKaart membership you can lunch and have dinner at the best restaurants with 50% discount on the à la carte menu. From brasserie to Michelin-starred restaurant: for only €6,99 a month you have access to 600+ restaurants in the Netherlands. And you can use the RestaurantKaart as much as you want!

Team RestaurantKaart will also be present at Taste this year. If you are a member, you can visit their stand and they will give you a free ticket for a delicious cheese tasting at Fromagerie Abraham Kef! You definitely don’t want to miss out on that! It is well-known that the cheeses of Kef are the best cheeses in Mokum…

Sel Magique

Bij Sel Magique specialiseren ze zich in fine Fleur de Sel zout melanges, met de hand geoogst en geïmporteerd vanuit Guérande, Frankrijk. Ze produceren in kleine hoeveelheden zodat de kwaliteit gewaarborgd blijft. Na de oogst worden de melanges of blends verzegeld en gerijpt er voor zorgdragend dat de aromatische oliën van de kruiden en specerijen in de zout kristallen worden geabsorbeerd, waardoor de smaak en aroma van de blends zich kan ontwikkelen, zoals dat ook gebruikelijk is bij wijn. Deze door de tijd geteste techniek verzekerd de hoge kwaliteit en heerlijke smaken van hun zeer veelzijdige en onderscheidende blends. 100% Natuurlijk. 100% Smakelijk.


SHIRAZ is a winebar located at the Lijnbaansgracht 267 in Amsterdam. It’s a place to discover new wines or to enjoy familiar ones. The atmosphere of the winebar is inspired by the history of the Shiraz grape: a blend between the Middle-East and the traditional French, but with a contemporary twist. Not only can you drink delicious 100% Shiraz wines, other grapes are also well represented at Shiraz as they serve about 150 wines from every part of the world.

And what is a good glass of wine without a tasty bite? That’s why they also offer an extensive assortment of delicious bites, which are easy to share!

Tako Yaki

Tako Yaki is fried octopus which has been a very popular street food snack in Japan for years! The Tako Yaki “Amsterdam Style” are delicious savory poffertjes (tiny pancakes) that are baked just like the original sweet Dutch poffertjes. It is a delicious treat consisting of a batter of daishi broth, ground octopus, ginger and fresh spring onion topped with Japanese syrup, Japanese mayonnaise, sesame seeds, bonito flakes and wakame salad on the side. These poffertjes are as they say in Japan: OICHIII (tasty).

Two Chefs Brewing

Two Chefs Brewing was founded by former chefs and all-time friends Sanne and Martijn. What started as a hobby in 2012, developed into a serious brewery in Amsterdam. Just like chefs present their dishes, they want to brew beers that are well-balanced, distinctive and full of flavour.

“We used to want to fill our own houses with home-made funky beers. Now we’re nearly twenty chefs strong and we stock refrigerators throughout the whole country. We won’t stop until everyone can enjoy our beers everywhere.”


Here’s to the ones we call friends. Friends who make you forget the time when you’re with them. The adventurers. Friends with a story. We drink to that, because that is how V2C Dutch Dry Gin was born. In the hands of four friends who traveled the world, and then toasted to life and shared their adventures. Enjoy the moment. Without rushing. But with all the attention for that one glass in your hand. V2C Dutch Dry Gin is distilled according to Dutch tradition, but in a limited edition. V2C turns an evening with friends into an evening to remember. So pour it in a glass, toast to something nice, but leave the bottle on the table.


The finest Dutch cereals, the advanced combustion process and pure Dutch recipe, make the products of VanDyck unique and premium.

The unique recipe dates back to 1867, and was first discovered in archaeological excavations on the Zeedijk.  VanDyck VODKA is a clear and neutral premium vodka, distilled from 100% Dutch finest grains. VanDyck GIN is a fresh and very soft premium gin and based on Dutch Cucumber and Roses. VanDyck RED VODKA is based on VanDyck VODKA and contains Sloe Berries.

Pure, Mixed or On the rocks!

Veuve Clicquot Rich

Veuve Clicquot is the second largest champagne house in the world with about 23 km of wine cellars in Reims, the capital of the Champagne region. The flagship of Veuve Clicquot is yellow label. Famous for its egg-yellow label, which can be found world wide at the best locations. Veuve Clicquot is known for its courage and innovation and is going to make this year an unforgettable experience with the #liveclicquot experience.

More than champagne, Veuve Clicquot is an attitude!

Villa Maria logo

Villa Maria Estate

Villa Maria Estate is known as an icon in the New Zealand wine industry. Exceptional wine is made by people who have deep-rooted passion and an intense relation with the country where the grapes are settled. Villa Maria, established in 1961 by 21 years old Sir George Fistonich, has been New Zealand’s most awarded winery, consistently winning prizes at both national and international competitions since the early ‘80s. Villa Maria has a long held commitment to be environmentally responsible and to operate using sustainable practices. These values are inherent in the long-term view Villa Maria takes of the wine business.