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Bidfood makes food-professionals more successful. In our online marketplace every chef, cook, and entrepreneur is connected through top notch national and international suppliers. Easy to order and delivered straight to your kitchen. Our focus is fully on the professionals within the food industry: from take-away businesses to catering companies, from cafeterias to care facilities, from hotels to restaurants. Most of all, we are a business with a high focus on the people and their needs. Our approach is very personal so it suits your needs. We understand the professionals’ unique wishes and demands like no other.

Bus unlimited solutions

BUS Unlimited Solutions

BUS Unlimited Solutions offers suitable support in catering and promotion to public and business events. They absolutely love to help their clients with organizing events and pampering their guests. They exclusively use pure products and representative hosts and hostesses and own multiple unique oltimer foodtrucks and trailers. Their experience in both the national and international hospitality branche helps them to create a long-lasting memory for their clients. This year they will be present at Taste of Amsterdam for the 9th time with their turquoise cocktail truck and freshly made mojitos in the variations lime, raspberry, passionfruit and coco.

Chatar Patar

Chatar Patar takes you to the streets of India, and its mouthwatering street food. India has a very rich pallet of spices and local cuisines, it has more than 1000 varieties of just snacks.  Chatar Patar brings you the selection of such Indian snacks. Our snacks are carefully picked and cooked to enhance your taste buds and appetite. We bring you a mix of snacks from all regions of India, you might get famous butter chicken curry everywhere else but this is the place to soothe your cravings for street food and snacks. We welcome you to join us on the journey to spices,  flavors and much more.


Coravin is the only wine preservation system that allows you to pour any wine by the glass without the need to pull the cork, keeping your wines fresh until you decide to have the next glass. By eliminating the risk of oxidisation, Coravin provides the freedom and flexibility to enjoy wine on your own terms: Drink what you want, when you want, in the amount you want without ever worrying about wasting a drop. With the different Models, from the Coravin Model One of €199 untill the fully automatic Bluetooth connected Model Eleven of €999, there is a Coravin for everyone. Take a look on their website for more information!

De Eeuwige Jeugd

Brewery De Eeuwige Jeugd is a craft beer brewery situated in Amsterdam. They have six beers in their assortment and every beer has its own Amsterdam character. A couple of their beers consist of; the ‘Lellebel’ (Blond), ‘Gladjanus’ (White-IPA) and ‘Belhamel’ (IPA). “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing’’ So always keep playing, dream big, wonder like a child and live to the fullest.

Getting old is a fact but how young we are is a choice. Their message? The eternal youth is inside of you, get it out of there. We’ll grow old later.

De tapruijters

De Tapruijters

De Tapruijters is a truck that serves the best craft beers in town from different breweries. They love diversity, so there is an appropriate beer for every beer lover! At Taste of Amsterdam there will be several different beers, from a hoppy IPA to a refreshing Weizen or a spicy Tripel. Cheers to that!


Fever-Tree is the first quality mixer in the world, made from only the best natural ingredients and with one goal: to enhance the world’s finest spirits. After all, if ¾ of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best. The premise that made Fever-Tree co-founders Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow, travel to the ends of the earth. Sourcing the finest ingredients, including quinine from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, ginger from the Ivory Coast, India and Nigeria, and lemons from the slopes of Mount Etna, Sicily — and you can taste it! Especially, in combination with that perfect bubble. Today, the Fever-Tree range comprises fifteen different flavors. Great to mix with, but also to drink solo.. Spicy or fresh? Soft or bitter? Discover your favorite during Taste of Amsterdam!

Gin 1689

Gin 1689 is based on the 350-year-old gin recipe that originated when William of Orange became King of England and introduced Genever (in other words Dutch Gin) to the British population. This was the beginning of the gin craze and Gin 1689 found and brought this authentic gin back to the market.  Since the launch of the gin they have booked many successes with winning Gold in the premium category at the Gin Masters in London in particular.

Johnnie Walker logo

Johnnie Walker

The story begins with the man that gave his name to our whisky.

Since early centuries, the trouble was that the whiskies that were made, weren’t always that consistent. For one young man named John Walker – the proprietor of a grocer’s in Kilmarnock – this wasn’t good enough. He wanted his customers to enjoy the same quality and flavour time after time after time. So he began to blend them together until he produced a whisky he was happy to put his name to. Explore the big, bold flavours of Johnnie Walker with our serves and whisky cocktails for every occasion and every taste.

Join us at the Johnnie Walker Experience and learn everything there is to know about whisky!

Ketel One Vodka

In the Ketel One Kitchen we provide masterclasses everyday, organised by our own professional mixologists. An intimate and fun setting, where you experience the typical Dutch feeling together with a little bit of history of the distillery of the Nolet family. Take a seat at our kitchen table, where you can create a classic, or your own creation of the Ketel One Vodka Bloody Mary. Together with various delicious fruit and vegetables, spices and other secret herbs, you can create the perfect drink!

Klein & Kok

Klein & Kok was founded by two students from the Hotelschool and are participating in Taste of Amsterdam for the second year in a row. Last year they launched their first product on Taste of Amsterdam, the Arancini mozzarella tomato, with great success. This year, Klein & Kok offers their guests a second product, the Arancini truffle wild mushroom! These snacks are available through multiple wholesalers and are perfect for parties or just a simple day on the terrace, accompanied by a good glass of wine. Share with them these innovative snacks that are crispy, creamy and above all tasty!

Koppert cress

Koppert Cress

“Good food is crucial for a healthy life ” – Koppert Cress is constantly looking for natural and innovative ingredients, which chefs can use to intensify the flavour, aroma and presentation of their dishes. Products that meet the increasingly stringent demands of restaurants across the globe. Cresses are freshly germinated seedlings of 100% natural aromatic plants. These plants provide freshness and intensity of taste and aroma that is almost exclusively found in young plants.

Magioni Pizza

No great story ever started with someone eating a salad. We are Magioni and we create a guilt-free pizza and that changes everything!
We believe in a world, where you don’t have to choose between; work hard or play hard, hitting the gym or party till dawn. A world where fast-food can become fit-food and pizza your next healthy pleasure.

A pizza that tastes as “the real deal” but is made with a lot of veggies in the crust. We started in our own kitchen, but moved to our office in Amsterdam quite fast. Our dream started small, but we have pretty big ambitions. We’re a bit rebellious and like to do things differently. Our pizzas are tastier. And look better. Because we believe eating healthy can be fun too. With our food truck, also known as the party animal on every event, we will be present at Taste of Amsterdam where we want to surprise you with our tasty pizzas. Are you coming too?

Novotel Amsterdam City logo

Novotel Amsterdam City

The city of Amsterdam has so many things to offer. Business and leisure are easily combined. Novotel Amsterdam City is a 4-star hotel in the heart of Amsterdam’ business district ‘de Zuidas’ and is easily accessible since the hotel is located along the A10 highway and within walking distance from RAI station. They welcome you in the open, relaxing and elegant restaurant URBN, where you can enjoy dishes that are prepared with passion. If you are thinking about spending a weekend in Amsterdam during Taste, this is the perfect place to recover and prepare for another fun day at Taste of Amsterdam.

Tako Yaki

Tako Yaki is fried octopus which has been a very popular street food snack in Japan for years! The Tako Yaki “Amsterdam Style” are delicious savory poffertjes (tiny pancakes) that are baked just like the original sweet Dutch poffertjes. It is a delicious treat consisting of a batter of daishi broth, ground octopus, ginger and fresh spring onion topped with Japanese syrup, Japanese mayonnaise, sesame seeds, bonito flakes and wakame salad on the side. These poffertjes are as they say in Japan: OICHIII (tasty).


Here’s to the ones we call friends. Friends who make you forget the time when you’re with them. The adventurers. Friends with a story. We drink to that, because that is how V2C Dutch Dry Gin was born. In the hands of four friends who traveled the world, and then toasted to life and shared their adventures. Enjoy the moment. Without rushing. But with all the attention for that one glass in your hand. V2C Dutch Dry Gin is distilled according to Dutch tradition, but in a limited edition. V2C turns an evening with friends into an evening to remember. So pour it in a glass, toast to something nice, but leave the bottle on the table.

Veuve Clicquot Rich

Veuve Clicquot is the second largest champagne house in the world with about 23 km of wine cellars in Reims, the capital of the Champagne region. The flagship of Veuve Clicquot is yellow label. Famous for its egg-yellow label, which can be found world wide at the best locations. Veuve Clicquot is known for its courage and innovation and is going to make this year an unforgettable experience with the #liveclicquot experience.

More than champagne, Veuve Clicquot is an attitude!