The Best Indonesian Restaurants in Amsterdam - Taste of Amsterdam

In Amsterdam you will find a great variety of different cultural kitchens. One of them is the Indonesian kitchen, which is clearly present within the city. We were curious what the best spots were to taste the dishes of the amazing country. That is why we made a small overview of the best Indonesian restaurants.

Ron Gastrobar Indonesia

Discover the fine flavors and amazing aromas of the Indonesian kitchen of Ron Blaauw. Enjoy and taste different inspiring dishes and rijsttafels. With a great atmosphere and tasteful menu, this is the place to enjoy a perfect lunch or dinner.

Restaurant Blauw

Love an extensive Indonesian rijsttafel in a modern setting? Visit Blauw in Amsterdam Oud-zuid. A variety of fish, vegetarian, meat, rijsttafel, and authentic dishes will be served in multiple small portions on your table, to enjoy with your friend or family.


The diamond of the Indonesian kitchen, with beautiful dishes, the perfect execution of it, the huge amount of flavors, aromas and high quality service. This places is a bound with tradition and everything is prepared the classic way.