It's a seafood heaven at Mr. Crab Bistro! - Taste of Amsterdam

After the success of restaurant Mr. Crab in the heart of Amsterdam, a second location has been opened! Obviously we don’t mind this at all, the more the merrier. The restaurant that has been opened is called Mr. Crab Bistro, located on Rembrandtplein. This, of course, serves as the perfect starting point for a night out at this central point in Amsterdam.

Fresh and good food are the key ingredients of Mr. Crab Bistro. The menu consists of smaller seafood bites and snacks, which can be perfectly combined with the exclusively composed cocktails. An absolute tip is the Tuna Taco! Or if you can’t choose, the Royal Taco Mix.

The team had two of the best mixologists from England come over to make a specifically matching cocktail menu with the dishes. So don’t be afraid to ask which cocktail matches your dish best! Don’t really have a lot of time to linger? No worries! They got you. You can also order in and take these tasty bites with you. Bon appetit!