De Buik - Taste of Amsterdam

Want to know where to go for dinner or a drink in Amsterdam? Take a look on the website of de Buik!

De Buik (Dutch for The Belly) is a Dutch journalistic platform on where to eat out. De Buik writes about the local food culture in Rotterdam and Amsterdam with a positive form of community journalism. About 60 plus writers find spots where you don’t usually go to, and then write about what makes all these eateries, bars, neighborhoods, streets, products and dishes so special and share these findings with their hundreds of thousands of readers and followers.

De Buik has an extensive restaurant guide with hundreds of carefully chosen restaurants, it collects the best festivals and activities for its agenda and has written thousands of stories on where the good food and drinks are.

At Taste of Amsterdam De Buik will present a culinary battle between a chef from Rotterdam and a chef from Amsterdam, to light the fire in a century old rivalry.