Lawson's Dry Hills - Marlborough - Taste of Amsterdam

They do a lot of talking and tasting before pouring their shared inspiration into every bottle!

The original company vineyard was planted in 1982 by Ross and Barbara Lawson, who launched the Lawson’s Dry Hills label some ten years later, in 1992. Situated in the north-east of New Zealand’s beautiful South Island, Marlborough is their home. With its mountains, rivers and valleys, warm days and cool nights, it gives them everything they need to grow wonderfully expressive grapes.
Marcus and their small, hands-on team then gently make the wines, preserving the precious elements of each grape variety and the place it is grown. Old French oak and wild ferment are two of the favoured techniques, both naturally adding texture and complexity. Combined with intense aromas and flavours, the results are well-balanced wines that offer an authentic and pure expression of their place.
De most important pillars of Lawson’s Dry Hills are Provenance, Authenticity, Sustainability and Food & Wine Pairing. In addition to these points above, we are fully autonomous from grape to glass! We don’t outsource anything, from harvesting to bottling, it’s all done by us. Our wine, our control, our responsibility.
This makes them the perfect match with Taste to let you try their wines! Are you joining for a glass?