Bourgondisch Lifestyle - Taste of Amsterdam

Come enjoy some delicious cheese at Bourgondisch Lifestyle!

Bourgondisch Lifestyle is refiner of European cheeses and an important supplier for the Dutch and now also foreign food gastronomy. They also want to protect the cheese craft by carrying forward the knowledge and quality, paying special attention to the art of affining and stimulating the cheese experience with tastings, training and presentations.

In addition to the business market, they also have two stores for the regular consumer. In Amsterdam and Beverwijk, their cellars, special rooms and tables are currently full with more than 150 different cheeses. Furthermore, they also have a suitable wine selection and delicious delicacies.

This year they are moving into their new fortress with their cheeses: Fort Zuidwijkermeer, part of the “UNESCO Defence Line of Amsterdam”. The Fort will be a platform to place the special cheeses on a pedestal and protect them; that for which a Fort is intended.

The thick walls and the underground location create a unique surrounding where the humidity and temperature can be kept well under control and where each cheese type is given its own room to develop into the desired result. They also experiment with fresh herbs and other special ingredients. With this they create their own personal cheese selection.

At Taste of Amsterdam they are happy to share their cheeses and self-imported wines with you. So enjoy!


Bourgondisch Lifestyle Amsterdam
Haarlemmerstraat 115
1013 EM Amsterdam
T: 020 412 00 27


Bourgondisch Lifestyle Beverwijk
Plantage 120A
1943 LR Beverwijk
T: 0251 220 332