Five Brothers Fat - Taste of Amsterdam

Five Brothers Fat

Flown over from the warm Barcelona, this concept was developed in the summer of 2017’s and made its entry in our capital city on de Clercqstraat. With the second restaurant coming in Amsterdam-South, the Champañaria is a beautiful addition to Taste 2018 .

The idea for a Champañaria was born during a trip to Barcelona where five hospitality brothers were confronted with this story on the Mediterranean coast.

This well-known and very popular cava bar in one of the side streets of the district of Barceloneta, is a known concept. The bottles of cava will be flying around fast while enjoying some small tapas that will be made a la minute. No fuss, just authentic and good.

The ingredients at Five Brothers Fat are the same; Drink a few, dine extensively till after midnight, but then the Amsterdam way. Next to cava you can enjoy amazing cocktails and Sangria’s de Cava.

The kitchen is characterized by its Spanish in-between dishes with a twist. There classics as Pimientes de Pardon. Jamon Iberico en Calamares. De menu has different characteristics because of the modern small dishes with influences from Azia, South-and- Mid America that are perfect to share. These accessible, but exiting dishes chance regularly to surprise the guests.

The interior look like the Spanish cava bars, but with its own look and feel. There is a open kitchen, a chef’s table and marble bar were you can eat at.

To create the unique character of the Spanish Champañaria also in Amsterdam, Five Brothers Fat imports as only Dutch restaurant, the original “Can Paixano” a cava from the famous Champañaria from Barcelona. To make this special Cave easily accessible for the people of Amsterdam, Five Brothers Fat will sell the cava for just 14 florijnen. Vamos!

The Five Brothers will put the cava’s on ice already See you at Taste!


De Clercqstraat 56
1052 NH Amsterdam
T: +31 (0)20 77 60 770