Gault&Millau - Taste of Amsterdam

Enjoy delicious dishes from great chefs at the Gault&Millau 17+ Club!

Every year Gault&Millau publishes a restaurant guide. This guide consist of reviews of restaurants and hotels, which are judged based on a scale from 1 to 20, with 20 being the best. This year Gault&Millau will present the Gault&Millau 17+ Club at Taste. Here you can enjoy while chefs with 17 points or more serve some of their best dishes. So how does this work exactly?

Every day, there will be three chefs, whom have received 17 points or more by Gault&Millau, who will each prepare one dish. These dishes will be coordinated between the chefs so you will be able to enjoy three different dishes. These can then be ordered separately for € 7.50, all together for €18.75 or in combination with drinks (all-in) for €28.75.

Which chefs will be present?

Roger Rassin La Rive: 17/20
Moshik Roth Moshik: 18/20
Richard van Oostenbrugge & Thomas Groot 212: 17.5/20
Bas van Kranen Bord’Eau: 17/20
Schilo van Coevorden Taiko: 17/20
Chris Naylor Vermeer: 18/20
Sidney Schutte Spectrum: 18.5/20
Jonathan Zandbergen Merlet: 17.5/20
Wilco Berends De Nederlanden: 17/20
Dennis Kuipers Vinkeles: 17.5/20