Instock - Taste of Amsterdam

Enjoy good food and fight food waste at restaurant Instock!

Restaurant Instock turns food surplus into delicious meals. From peppers with a small imperfection and overproduced tomatoes to small pears and one day old bread: by picking up these unsold products from supermarkets and producers, the Instock chefs can still give them a well deserved destination. With a breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner at Instock you will enjoy good food and fight food waste at the same time!


Czaar Peterstraat 21
1018 NW Amsterdam
T: +31(0) 20 363 57 65


Buitenhof 36
2513 AH Den Haag
T: 070 412 6192


Vleutenseweg 382
3532 HW Utrecht
T: 030 662 8222