Merlet - Taste of Amsterdam - Chef's Table

Merlet is part of the Subtop of the Dutch haute cuisine, and has been for years already!

Merlet has been running among the subtop of the Dutch haute cuisine. With the installment of Jonathan Zandbergen as new chef the restaurant has made a few steps forward. Jonathan is mainly cooking french oriented cuisine, with a lot of local products. The interior has recently been completely changed into a beautiful new decor. The owner Martin van Bourgogne mentioned during the re-opening of the restaurant that “The ambitions and the qualities of Jonathan are completely in line with the new look of the restaurant.”

Chef Jonathan will show his skills in the Chef’s Table at Taste of Amsterdam 2020!


Duinweg 15
1871 ACĀ  Schoorl
T: 0(031)72 509 36 44