Mr.Crab - Taste of Amsterdam

The Story of Mr.Crab

After many years of hard work as captain of the crab fishingboat “Mr.Crab” in the coldest and wildest
water of the world, the captain found his passion: cooking!
because crab-fisherman always have to work under extreme conditions, have to work with a lot of danger on deck, it is very important for them to have a good meal
Our captain, Mr. Crab took this very seriously when cooking for his man.
Daily, he took the fresh fish or crab from the daily catch, mixed it with the best fresh vegetables and spices and added his own passion and love to it.
His man often mentioned they ate better on the boat than on the land.

This got the captain thinking and this is why he saw it as a mission to share his passion and love for healthy seafood, with the rest of the world.
He chose Amsterdam as location for his restaurant, Mr. Crab, to share his seafood passion with as may people as possible.
That could be the reason why the seafood dishes of Mr. Crab are so unique.


Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 115
1012RH Amsterdam
T: 020-8915959