Sjefietshe - Taste of Amsterdam

Have some delicious dinner or drinks late into the night at Sjefietshe!

A few years ago they started as a pop-up and have now really grown into a full restaurant in the middle of the Amsterdamse pijp!

Sjefietshe literally stands for ‘ceviche’ in Amsterdam. This because when they first started with Sjefietshe, people in Amsterdam could not pronounce the word ‘ceviche’ at all. As a restaurant, Sjefietshe does not limit itself to Amsterdam, but implements the South American roots of the dish, ceviche, in the restaurant. Additionally, they do not only serve ceviche, but you can also pass by for some delicious fish-tastic dishes, or just for a beer or a wine at their bar, paired with some of their home-made appetizers.

In short: at Sjefietshe you can have a delicious dinner or some drinks late into the night in the middle of the Amsterdamse Pijp.


Van Ostadestraat 1
1072 SL Amsterdam