Smokey Goodness - Taste of Amsterdam


Barbecuing with Smokey Goodness is a full-blown, multi-sensory experience. Our eye-catching smokers and BBQs create an authentic atmosphere while the cuisine preparations stir the appetite. With sizzling sounds and savory smells, the building anticipation of that first bite is well rewarded. Smokey Goodness is a true fan of the “rough kitchen” – tough guys and gals around an open fire, combining succulent meats and fish from sustainable origins with fresh, crispy vegetables to give rise to the ultimate Smokey sensation.

Our innovative concept was established in 2010 and is the proud winner of the Columbus trophy, a European recognition award for unique and daring hospitality entrepenuers. And as of 2014, we are also recognized as a world champion of whole hog BBQ-ing. With our professional culinary team of skilled pitmasters, we ensure full-flavored dining & catering experiences for all events ranging from epic festivals and parties to smaller, more intimate weddings and gatherings all year round.

Smokey goodness utilizes 100% charcoal and wood-fired barbeque methods true to the practices of the southern United States. Our authentic specialities are grilled or smoked using our custom designed equipment, sometimes for up to 16 hours (don’t worry, you won’t have to wait that long!). We give all of our meats, fish and vegetables an unadulterated distinct bbq flavor with fire and smoke – the real Smokey signature.


Schieweg 15D
2627 AN Delft
T: +31 6 28283066