What can you do? - Taste of Amsterdam

What can you do?

Turning of the lights, eating less meat, separating your garbage, short showers and re-using plastic bags or the use of cotton bags. It is almost common sense nowadays. All the green decisions we make today will impact the world for decades, so we are taking it to the next level, and we ask you to get on board during Taste! We challenge you to help us and contribute to a greener Taste.
Are you in? Let’s take care of Amsterdam!

1. I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle
Take your bike instead of your scooter and car or make use of the brand-new North/South line subway with stops right in front of the Amstelpark at Station Amsterdam RAI. This prevents unnecessary emissions and instead of spending your money on parking costs you can treat yourself an extra glass of your favourite drink!

2. Taste is going to separate waste
We do whatever we can to avoid plastic on the event. We won’t make use of any plastic straws or plastic cups and we make sure everything will be made of palm leafs or sugarcane.
The only thing left to do is to collect it into the correct bins, and therefore we need you! Throw glass into the recycling bins, what is left in the regular bins and plastic: just leave that junk at home!

3. Printing is só in the past
Taste is up to date with the technology trends nowadays, which mean we can just scan you ticket via your mobile phone. This doesn’t mean you just decrease the chance of losing your ticket, we also produce less waste and we save some trees from being felled.