What do we do? - Taste of Amsterdam

What do we do?

Amsterdam is getting greener by the day. The term sustainability is completely integrated within the Amsterdam society and everyone is contributing to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future. Not only for the future generations, but also to sustain our beautiful Amsterdam! We, the organisation of Taste of Amsterdam, have set some clear goals to reduce our environmental footprint to work towards a greener future. With love for Amsterdam and all its culinary lovers.

With the help of several partners we are improving multiple areas:

1. No more plastic, isn’t it fantastic?
Change is coming. From now on: Taste of Amsterdam will be fully plastic free! We have used biodegradable disposables for quite some time now, however, plastic was used on occasion. Now, we are fully using the biodegradable disposables from Disposables.bio. These disposables are completely plastic free, made from organic materials and therefore 100% biodegradable.Besides that, we are highly aware of the need and importance of separating waste. Therefore, we will support our attendees to do so by offering plenty of recycling bins and we will assure you that the collected waste will be processed correctly.

2. I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle
This year we will do whatever it takes to motivate our visitors to come by bike or with public transportation to Taste. By offering more than enough parking spots for all the bikes and with the new North/South line subway stop at the Station Amsterdam RAI, close to the Amstelpark, we hope to reduce the use of cars. By the way, it isn’t just beneficial for the environment, it also gives you the opportunity to drink an extra glass of wine 🙂

3. Taste goes green
From now on we will make maximum use of the green electricity via the grid connection available in the Amstelpark. The remaining power will be generated from electrical power units which run on GTL Fuel Save Diesel and biofuel. The benefit of using renewable energy is that there is barely polluted emission and if we combine this with a particulate filter, we can decrease the exhaust gas with 99,9%!

4. Stay thirsty!
We can call ourselves lucky with our high-quality drinking water within the Netherlands. Therefore, we will provide complimentary water during the event. This will happen as sustainable as possible by using the local water supplier instead of transporting water tanks. Next to that, we will exclusively make use of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Let’s take care of the nature that takes care of us!

5. Fight against food waste
Did you realize that one third of produced food is thrown away worldwide? Food is way too delicious to been thrown away, right? Exactly! This year we are fighting food waste. At the end of the event we collect all the food that would have been unnecessarily thrown away and we donate this to the ‘Voedselbank’. This way we not only prevent food waste, but also help eachother!